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Knowledge transfer developer: Workshop “Connecting People and Science in a Post-truth World”
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The rise of social media, people’s growing preference for opinion over fact, their choice of “someone like me” as a reliable source of information, and the mistrust that has arisen from years of abuse of power by political leaders and manipulation for profit by corporations have left us with
This is today’s post-truth society.

How can science and fact-based science communication prevail in the face of misinformation, mistrust, cognitive biases, celebrity culture and other barriers?
Help interested scientists, policy makers, communicators and professional organizations develop practical tools to communicate science effectively.

Develop and deliver one-day, on-demand workshop providing practical learning on counter-knowledge and mistrust in science, what makes people vulnerable to misinformation, and the concepts and strategies to develop more effective messaging. Illustrated with ripped-from-the-headlines examples from sectors in which it is an issue. See the one-pager here.