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Guidelines developer: Clinical guidelines for pediatric concussion
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Pediatric concussion is often inadequately managed because health care practitioners’ knowledge varies tremendously. In response, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) funded a project at the CHEO Research Institute to develop the first comprehensive best practice guidelines for pediatric concussion in North America.
  • Ensure that the key drivers are clinical utility and plain language;
  • Deliver a series of interactive PDFs to the ONF, customized for health care professionals; schools and sports organizations; and families.
  • Conceived an innovative, action-based format that provides instructions, information and hyperlinks to appropriate tools and algorithms at a glance.
  • Developed the organizing principle for the user-oriented tables of contents. These are also the foundation for cheat sheets for each user group and for an app.
  • Managed and organized incoming content from 30+ clinicians and stakeholders.
  • Wrote the guidelines in their entirety over 8 months.
  • 24,951 hits within 24 hours of release (9,157 unique visitors).
  • Immediate pick-up by groups, including the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (USA) and Child Care BC.
  • Comment from peer reviewer, Rebekah Mannix, “These guidelines are exceedingly clear and comprehensive. ...will be an indispensable resource for caregivers in a wide range of settings and also be accessible for the general public.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine highlighted the Guidelines as THE go-to resource in its summary of pediatric concussion.